The End of an Era: Yamaha R1 and R1M To Be Discontinued

In the world of high-performance motorcycles, few names carry the same weight and prestige as Yamaha's R1 and R1M. These iconic sport bikes have long been revered for their cutting-edge technology and thrilling performance on both the road and the track. However, Yamaha has recently announced the discontinuation of the R1 and R1M models.

The official comment from Yamaha UK reads:

‘Yamaha Motor Group, have taken the decision not to develop an EU5+ version of the R1 or R1M instead focussing on other mid-term business and product strategies that will provide future opportunities.’

While the revelation may be startling, it doesn't come as a significant shock, and it appears that manufacturers might be shifting their focus from exclusive, high-value, yet low-volume motorcycles to investing in more extensive segments of the market.

Although it may sound like the model is on the verge of discontinuation, that moment is still a bit down the road. For existing models, the cut-off for the sale of non-Euro5+ compliant bikes will be 2025. While Euro6 isn't expected to arrive until much later in the decade.

Following the 2023 discontinuation of the R6 as a road-ready motorbike, Yamaha still opted to offer the R6 in a racing trim. It is entirely possible Yamaha plan to repeat this with the R1, meaning the model can live on, albeit as a track-only machine.

On a plus side, excitement is building as Yamaha hints the potential replacement for the R1 & R1M, rumored to be the Yamaha R9. Enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling, curious about the innovations it might bring. With Yamaha's history of pushing sportbike boundaries, riders are keen to see if the R9 will continue the legacy or introduce groundbreaking features. It's a moment of anticipation as the motorcycle community looks forward to the next chapter in Yamaha's high-performance lineup.

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